Our longstanding partnerships have enabled us to deliver free events on a diverse range of topics across the UK. In addition to this, the expertise of our partners enable us to work collaboratively to produce resources filled with practical advice and support to add to the toolkits of parents, carers and professionals.

Sharing expertise with Autism Oxford

Working with Autism Oxford has resulted in world class speakers and training sessions being delivered to parents and carers.  Whether it be our free ticket giveaway or highly subsidised  rates, our joint mission is to spread awareness of the realities of life on the autism spectrum and support the development of understanding and the help offered.

We offer fascinating and insightful bespoke training sessions and events featuring people on the autism spectrum, family members and expert professionals in the field.

Visit Autism Oxford’s website

Autism Oxford UK

Making a difference with The ADHD Foundation

Working in partnership with the ADHD Foundation has enabled us to deliver parent-focused workshops to help parents and carers gain a greater understanding of their child’s ADHD.

For professionals working with children and young people, we also deliver training on child and adolescent mental health to support them in their roles.

Visit the ADHD Foundation’s website

ADHD Foundation

Sharing skills and advice with Special Needs Today

Special Needs Today: by parents, for parents aims to be that one stop shop and carries content written in plain English aimed at the parents and carers of children who have special needs.

Parents and carers are encouraged to leave feedback on the site sharing their own experiences, requesting new content etc. – the aim being to make the service truly “by parents, for parents.

Visit the Special Needs Today website

Special Needs Today - By parents, for parents

Supporting professionals with The SENCO Forum

The Senco Forum is an SEN Support Network for SENCOs and other SEN professionals to offer and receive support when required. You can create new SEN topics, follow existing topics, choose to receive follow-up emails or simply login and catch up on relevant SEN related matters in your own time.

The forum is open to all working in the SEN sector and offers a wide range of support from members working as Headteachers, SENCOs, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and other independent SEN specialists.

Sign up today and have SEN support available when you need it.