Notification: Coronavirus/COVID-19

We want to reassure parents and carers that as a school we are closely following government guidance concerning the current Coronavirus situation.  We are also regularly monitoring any updates concerning the guidance.  You can view the current government guidance by clicking the button below:

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Welcome from the Head Teacher

We are a school which provides highly specialised integrated education and therapeutic support for pupils.

We believe we have an outstanding whole school offer and we very much adopt a “can do” philosophy. This means that all staff in our school have a passion and conviction that our pupils are able to achieve what their potential suggests, and we endeavour to do all in our power, and beyond, to ensure this happens.

We are always aspirational about pupils’ continual success, progress and achievement. We encourage all pupils to think big and accept no restriction on what is possible for them. We formulate highly individualised timetables which are designed to help them both achieve and attain within their chosen pathway and also to offer them the best opportunities in further education and/or employment in the future.

We love having visitors and would welcome you to enjoy the Tumblewood experience for yourself.

Jennifer McMillan

We are dedicated to:

Positive, safe and nurturing environments where pupils are valued as individuals and can develop their confidence, self-esteem, independence, self-discipline and respect.
The highest quality outcomes socially, emotionally and academically through a wide range of personalised opportunities.
Strong links between home, school and the wider community in order to support pupils’ learning and enable them to develop skills that will benefit them both during and after their time at Tumblewood School.

Aims and Ethos

We are committed to providing our pupils with a happy, nurturing and motivating atmosphere for them to enjoy their learning and where they are encouraged to reach their potential.


Our School at a Glance

Internal Team Around the Child (ITAC) meetings, where all staff involved with the child discuss progress and plan new strategies, establishing an integrated approach between education and therapy.
A unique and personalised curriculum model that ensures academic success, individualised development and preparation for adulthood.
Small class sizes of no more than 8 pupils with high staff ratios and additional pastoral and academic support.
In-school Clinical Team which liaises with external agencies to provide highly effective and individual therapeutic interventions.
Experienced and specialist skilled staff are dedicated to ensuring that our pupils feel safe, secure and supported.

We are part of Witherslack Group

We are proud to be part of Witherslack Group, the leading provider of inspirational education and care to children and young people, resulting in life changing experiences and countless stories of success.

Witherslack Group provide specialist education and care for children and young people with social, emotional and mental health needs, communication difficulties (autistic spectrum conditions; Asperger’s Syndrome; speech, language and communication needs), ADHD and complex learning needs.