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Our Therapeutic Approach

Across Witherslack Group we operate a completely integrated approach to education, care and therapy. This means that our own therapists work across our schools and children homes to provide truly personalised support to each and every child and young person.

In this short film Naoimh Todd, Head of Applied Therapies, explains our approach and how our therapists work with our young people, families and staff to realise countless stories of success.

In every setting, as required, young people have the support of our Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Mental Health Practitioners, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.
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Our unique approach to supporting young people allows us to achieve uniquely outstanding outcomes, which in turn enable our young people to go on to realise a future filled with aspiration and achievement.
Our commitment to delivering outstanding therapeutic support to all young people is based on attachment principles. We believe that unless a young person is able to feel emotionally secure they are less likely to fulfil their personal, social and educational potential.

Our Range of Therapeutic Support

We will ensure that every young person placed within Witherslack Group develops resilience and releases their potential by providing the appropriate clinical support for their social, emotional and mental health needs.
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We will make a young person ‘whole’ by supporting them to develop the competencies and abilities to help them become a capable young adult.
We will completely integrate the delivery of therapeutic support within the provision of education and care.
We will operate a direct delivery model of therapy offering universal services targeted to the needs of individual children and young people.

Our Commitment to Therapeutic Support

We have an extensive Clinical Team, which are able to offer our young people within our schools and children’s homes a truly personalised and comprehensive package of therapeutic support.

Each of our children’s homes is supported by our own onsite therapists for a minimum of two days a week, with further support, as required, from our wider Witherslack Group Clinical Team.

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of our leavers go on to further education, training or employment
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different qualifications available to our pupils
Since 1996, thousands of stories of success