A Gateway to Key Data

Authority Link is a gateway that enables schools and children’s homes the platform to provide local authorities with specific information in relation to the young person’s key data – attendance, assessment and incidents, all direct to their desktop. Users can monitor a dashboard traffic light summary page to notify them if a young person is meeting their targets or not making the progress anticipated.

The system has evolved to be able to offer access to annual review documents, class timetables, termly progress reports, school news and even bespoke reports.

Authority Link provides total transparency, with live information at the user’s finger tips, for liaising with colleagues, parents and other stakeholders.

An Additional Method of Communication

Authority Link provides an additional method of communication between the individual setting and the local authority. The system allows reports to be displayed with information about a young person’s progress and any issues or concerns. The setting will also report on the strategies they are implementing to provide additional support to the young person, if required.

Authority Link also contains direct email links to the Head Teacher, Home Manager and Key Worker that are working with a young person, allowing users to make contact quickly and easily. The system also offers the ability to create new enquiries and referrals and upload associated documents, as well as allowing the user to monitor and track existing referrals and view progress details.

Authority Link offers the opportunity for significant savings to be made for local authorities, both in terms of time and money, when monitoring placements, as well as offering another clear channel of communication with the relevant schools and children’s homes.

A Complement to Established Systems

Authority Link is designed to complement and support already established systems for reporting the development and achievement of an individual young person. The system provides the local authority with key information at its fingertips for liaising with parents and other stakeholders.

Authority Link uses a secure connection over HTTPS and is restricted to authorised locations in addition to requiring user authentication. Utilising the upload/download functions help an authority to avoid the security risks inherent with sending and receiving documents via email. These considerations enable local authorities to have complete reassurance that the data held on the system is protected to the highest of standards.

Next Steps

If you would like a demonstration of the system or if you are using Authority Link and would like to access refresher training,  please contact Fabia Cipolat on: