In such cases, the young person will live in one of the residential houses at school and return to their home setting on a weekly, fortnightly or termly basis, dependent on availability and suitability.

Our 38 week therapeutic residential placements provide those young people, whose special educational needs have impacted on both their school and home life, with an environment and support that enables them to find stability and make sustained improvement.

Find out more about our residential schools below and by visiting their individual websites.

Why choose a specialist residential school?

High expectations, strong relationships and endless opportunities and experiences all permeate both the educational and residential environments. This strong ethos and co-ordinated approach sees education and residential staff work closely with parents and carers to enable each child or young person to develop into confident, independent and ambitious young adults.

The approach has a strong focus on enriching each young person’s social and communication skills, which enables them to make friends, engage in new activities and experiences, and move forward with ambition to discover and learn. The education and residential staff teams will both support and positively challenge each young person to widen their scope of life experiences and encourage them to experiment and try, which ultimately results in them challenging their own ability.

Every pupil is guided by experienced and empathetic professionals who will be able to plan and adapt to ensure pupils achieve and succeed.

Next Steps

Whether you are interested in your child attending one of our schools or just want to know what help is available or where to start, contact our team.