Once again staff and young people at The Birches Children’s Home are celebrating after receiving their seventh outstanding verdict in their latest Ofsted inspection.

The Southport based children’s home was judged as outstanding in all areas and the report was glowing with praise for staff and the excellent progress of young people due to the guidance, care and support they receive.

Here is just a sample of some of the comments included in the report:

“Young people are at the centre of the care that they receive in this home. Bespoke packages of care, which include personal care, education, healthcare, therapy, and activities, mean that each young person is thriving. A social worker described the home as ‘top notch’. She said, ‘I need to bring this young person back into his local authority area. However, it is really difficult to find a home that even remotely matches this home.”

“The young people have a wide range of communication skills, levels of comprehension and complexity of needs. The young people thrive, at their own pace, with support from staff who have an incredibly thorough knowledge and understanding of the wide range of each young person’s needs. This is clear in their progress. For example, when one young person came to the home he was not expected to gain any formal educational qualifications. Through his hard work and the attentive support and encouragement of the staff, he has recently achieved a C grade in science and now aspires to achieve good results in English and Mathematics. Another young person had poor personal care skills. He can now shower and dress independently.”

“Relationships between young people and staff are extremely strong. Positive comments from parents, social workers, and the young people show how this helps them to progress. One young person used to want to visit healthcare services a lot because of his anxieties. He is now able to say, ‘It is just my anxiety. I do not need to go, do I?’ Another young person said, ‘I can talk to them about anything and I know they will either do the right thing or help me to do it.”

Nicki Carroll, The Birches Registered Manager, commented on the report;

“Wow! To receive our 7th outstanding judgement in only eight years is a phenomenal achievement. This judgement is absolute testimony to the commitment and passion of the resilient staff; it is an absolute honour and privilege to lead a staff team that continually drives to progress the young people.”