Staff from Cumbria View Children’s Home recently applauded the remarkable act of kindness of Wyatt, a young person who shaved all his hair off to raise money and awareness for the charity, Cancer Research UK. 

Just before Wyatt was getting ready for school, he was asked by  Deputy Manager, Brian Simpson if he would like to go to the barbers in the evening to have a hair cut as his hair was growing thick and fast. Wyatt’s response was surprising as he commented, “Tell you what, why don’t I just cut off all my hair for Cancer Research?”. Astounded by what he said, Brian asked if he was serious to which Wyatt said “Hell yes… Sign me up”.

The duo then sat down at the computer and 10 minutes or so later, Wyatt had signed up to do a charity hair cut and had a sponsor form printed out. By the time he was ready to set off to Cedar House School he had already raised just over £50 thanks to staff from the home. Armed with his sponsor form and using his charm at school, he left school raising over £150 and by the end over the week Wyatt had raised over £200.

On a Saturday night, Wyatt sat down with Jason, Care Practitioner who had the honour of shaving his hair off.

Staff from Cumbria View Children’s Home and Cedar House School are all proud of Wyatt and his noble and selfless act of kindness. Well done!

Young people at Cumbria View Children's Home, Cumbria