After a number of children’s meetings and chatting to staff at The Spires Children’s Home, the question was raised, ‘what can we do to make our home feel more homely and make it more individualised for each young person?’

In a follow up meeting, the young people suggested that they would like to explore the idea of personalising their own spaces first and so the brainstorming sessions started where they shared all the things they liked.

After compiling a comprehensive list for each young person, Dean Fuller, Registered Manager shared this with a local artist and after agreeing the terms and conditions, the work quickly started.

The first couple of reveals were really well received and those young people have not had theirs completed yet are eagerly awaiting their personalised space.

The young people and staff agree that the work really lifts the space and are in talks with making some areas of the home more fun with the help of the artist.