Meadow View – Integrated Therapeutic Provision

We are committed to providing a safe, positive and nurturing learning and home environment, where high aspirations lead to achievement and positive futures.

"The staff promote excellent relationships and provide a high quality of support for students to moderate their behaviour. This enables them to take a full part in school life and succeed in learning."



Meadow View  is a co- educational, specialist 52 week fully integrated, therapeutic, education and care provision situated in Lancashire.

The provision meets the needs of young people aged 8 – 18 exhibiting a diverse range of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, alongside other associated conditions.

The high levels of quality cross-site communication between the children’s home and learning centre enable each young person’s therapeutic support, care and education to be delivered in a cohesive way.

We work together to recognise and reward positive behaviour and also to address any challenges that our young people are facing.

Meadow View allows young people who have struggled in previous educational environments and home settings to build positive relationships so that they feel safe, happy and motivated to succeed.

Our Awards

Our Aims & Ethos

We are committed to providing our pupils with a caring, positive and welcoming learning environment where they can achieve their full potential in their education and develop their social communication.

Our broad curriculum allows pupils to pursue both academic and vocational paths allowing individuals to strive in their areas of strengths.

Meadow View Integrated Provision is committed to the following principles:

  • To respect the value of all individual pupils and staff
  • To provide the highest standards of care and education
  • To ensure safety, security and opportunities for success

At a Glance

  1. ADHD, ASC, Asp, SEMH
  2. 8-18
  3. 52 Week
  4. Boys & Girls

“The learning centre is equally as excellent as the home and staff already know the areas they are concentrating on to get the young person to her expected grades. I have every faith that the school will build on the gaps that she has in her education and work well in the areas she is good at to promote her confidence.”

Social Worker

Below are just some of the key aspects of Meadow View’s offer to our young people and their families:

  • Well trained staff team, across both education and care, with high staffing ratios providing specialist care and support through planned programmes
  • A comprehensive learning centre with a range of specialist teaching facilities equipped with state of the art technological resources to engage young people and develop skills and confidence
  • Purpose built, high quality children’s homes, all with en-suite facilities and a range of reception/living areas, furnished and equipped to the highest standards
  • A multi-use games area and other on-site recreational facilities
  • Highly personalised, structured curriculum with a full range of nationally accredited qualifications including GCSEs and vocational qualifications
  • On-site Therapeutic Services Team led that includes an Accredited Counsellor, Consultant Child Psychiatrist, Educational Psychologist, and a Speech and Language Therapist

Message from the Head Teacher

Our aim at The Meadow View Learning Centre it to help the young people we work with feel safe and happy within their learning environment. To do this we strive to create a timetable and curriculum that will meet the individual needs of each student in our care. We also aim to build up positive relationships with young people to allow them to develop social skills and become more independent in the way they function, both in and out of a school setting.

Staff have high expectations with regard to learning and behaviour but are always conscious of the difficulties faced by the pupils. Social development is of paramount importance and we hope that as our pupils develop in the centre this will allow them to achieve their full academic potential. Staff at Meadow View have been carefully selected to ensure that their experiences and personalities are those that can have an extremely positive effect on the lives of our young people.

Darius Robinson

Head Teacher 

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