Pupils in Cedar Class from Lakeside School have been learning about the lives of homeless people.  In fact, to truly experience life on the streets they took advantage of the recent snow to build shelters from cardboard boxes and also used sleeping bags to stay warm.

The set up was perfect to raise awareness of homelessness and with donations pouring in from pupils and staff, everyone has become really passionate about the subject. The class have been further inspired to raise funds by making items to sell, which enabled the pupils to donate the funds to give shelter and food to a local charity.

As part of their learning, Cedar Class also took part in debates and due to their strong feelings about the lack of support for the homeless, they decided to write letters to the Prime Minister, Theresa May.  They are also waiting to hear from their local councillor to learn what they are doing to support the homeless.

To raise even more money, the class plan to encourage pupils and staff to take part in ‘Bob a Job’ week, so watch this space!

Well done everyone!