Pupils from Holly Class at Lakeside School were recently given a task to demonstrate and develop a range of skills. The task in hand was to design their own healthy dip, but with a twist as it needed to meet the following criteria.

1. Colour – Must look nice
2. Smell – must smell fresh but not too strong
3. Must contain at least 2 food groups
4. Must be healthy

Getting stuck into their task with great excitement the pupils designed their dips and made a shopping list ready for their trip to Morrisons, where they purchased the ingredients. During the visit, the budding chefs checked the sell-by dates when picking up the items and paid great attention to the cost of items too.

Once they returned to school the pupils rolled up their sleeves and enjoyed slicing, dicing and grating their ingredients – resulting in an array of dips being presented. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were delighted when they taste-tested their own creations and their classmates dips too.

Well done everyone!