22nd January 2019

Supporting Parents & Carers: Learning more about ADHD

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13th December 2018

Pupils pledge to become environmentally aware

Pupils in Holly Class from Lakeside School have been learning about saving energy to help our planet by taking action: reduce, re-use and re-cycle. To comprehend their learning, pupils enjoyed a visit to Gillmoss Recycling Centre where they witnessed the sorting process of recycling completed by machines. During the visit, the pupils learnt about the…

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6th December 2018

Pupils take a walk on the wildside

Holly Class from Lakeside School recently explored Knowsley Safari Park as part of their learning about Kenya and Africa. The budding zoologists couldn’t wait to see the animals and event hold some that originate from Africa. Pupil Leyton-James enjoyed listening to the Madagascan hissing cockroach, which hisses like a snake to scare mice away so that it doesn’t…

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22nd November 2018

Pupils explore European Languages Day

Pupils from Lakeside School fully embraced the celebration of European Languages Day, with classes experiencing the taste and flavour of a European country. Whilst some classes focused on the traditional modern foreign languages of French and Spanish, Willow Class went outside the box and experienced what it was like to live in Sweden and explored…

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16th November 2018

Pupils host coffee morning

In early September Cedar Class from Lakeside School had the honour of being chosen to facilitate the Macmillan Coffee Morning 2018. The pupils took on the task with great enthusiasm and quickly got to work deciding where they should hold the event and the treats they should have on offer. On the day, the dining…

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19th October 2018

Pupils perfect outdoor skills

Cedar Class from Lakeside School recently worked independently to create a fire in a controlled environment as part of their forest school lesson. The outdoor enthusiasts were equipped with a flint, steel, cotton wool, Vaseline, twigs and water so they could ignite a small fire. The pupils immersed themselves in their task and as a result have developed their…

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4th October 2018

Lakeside has a Superhero!

A pupil from Lakeside School has been hailed a superhero after she dashed to help her diabetic mum as she had a dangerous hypoglycaemic attack. Ten year-old Amy leapt into action after her shocked mum was hit by her first terrifying episode. Ms Davies said her daughter was “absolutely brilliant” as she stayed cool and…

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3rd October 2018

School celebrates shortlist announcement

  We’re delighted to announce that Lakeside has been shortlisted for the prestigious  National Association of Independent Schools & Non-Maintained Special Schools (NASS) Awards.The school has been shortlisted for the NASS Innovation Award. Vicky Size, Head Teacher of Lakeside school said: “I am both proud and thrilled that Lakeside School has been shortlisted for the 2018…

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24th September 2018

Dyslexia friendly status celebrated again

  Pupils and staff from Lakeside School were delighted with the announcement that they have once again achieved their Dyslexia Friendly School status. The verifier from the British Dyslexia Association was full of praise and commented: “The dictionary definition of a child centred, dyslexia friendly school ought to read as ‘Lakeside School.’” Head Teacher, Vicky…

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17th August 2018

Penny appeal success

A few months ago, Lakeside School launched their 6000 pennies challenge in order to raise £60 to sponsor a toilet in the developing world as part of their topic on water. The idea to raise money for this came from  the pupils themselves,  who through their studies found out that not everyone has access to…

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