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What is an Integrated Therapeutic Provision?

If you are unsure of what exactly an Integrated Therapeutic Provision offers, watch this short film where John O’Neill, the then Executive Head but now Regional Director for these provisions, explains the approach and culture that realises life changing outcomes time and time again.

Red Circle
Our passionate, experienced and skilled education, care and therapy staff teams support each young person to develop their social and independence skills, which allow them to consistently achieve and develop.
Teal Triangle
The learning centres are staffed by a range of qualified Teachers and Teaching Assistants and offer the full national curriculum with highly personalised and structured educational support.
Purple Square
The purpose built homes provide an extremely high quality living experience for young people. The children's homes allow young people to experience a safe, supportive and caring living environment, which empowers their personal growth and development.
Yellow Hexagon
The unique characteristic of an integrated provision is the delivery of ‘wrap around’ care, education and therapy to all young people, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our approach

There are extremely close links between the children’s home and the learning centre to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved for each young person.

This approach mirrors that of a traditional children’s home and school relationship, but considers the additional support required by young people with significant special educational needs.


Our Therapeutic Learning Centres

To find out more about each of our Integrated Therapeutic Learning Centres please visit their websites by clicking on the links below.


A purpose built, fully integrated, therapeutic, education and care provision situated in Yorkshire. A collaborative approach to making positive impacts on young people.

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Meadow View

An integrated therapeutic, education and care provision in Lancashire, enabling young people to feel safe and happy in their living and learning environment.

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High quality education, care and therapy for young people, allowing them to thrive and develop. The fully integrated provision is located in the North East.

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The Grange

A safe, caring environment with a highly personalised curriculum which serves to enhance confidence and self-esteem. A fully integrated provision based in the North East.

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Our Commitment

Across all integrated provisions, we have a long standing commitment to providing children with unrivalled levels of integrated therapeutic support, both in terms of the expertise and experience of our in-house staff and the range of therapies and support offered by our wider Clinical Team.

Our commitment to delivering sector leading therapeutic support to all of our young people is based on the belief that to realise the full potential of each young person, we must support all of their educational, emotional and behavioural needs in a personalised and holistic way.