Hall Cliffe Primary School offers pupils a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum through which every child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We believe in encouraging pupil’s self-esteem, which is often low when the start with us, by ensuring the curriculum and tasks set are achievable for them, thus enabling them to further thrive and develop.

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Our aim is to foster an excitement and a real love of learning in all of our children. To help them engage effectively and thrive in their learning environment we endeavour to provide a curriculum that is individualised. In the core subjects, Maths, English and Science, children are taught according to their ability so that they are able to make rapid and sustained progress.

We aim to establish and develop solid foundations in lifelong learning.  Through high actuality teaching and learning and an integrated therapeutic approach, we offer personalised, memorable  and positive learning experiences.  When it is time for pupils to move on, we aim to have made a positive difference so that they:

  1. Have the skills to form and maintain positive relationships.
  2. Are in good mental health and able to manage their feeling and emotions.
  3. Are happy in school and enjoy learning so that they have a lifelong love of learning.
  4. Are able to make a meaningful contribution in a multicultural modern United Kingdom.
  5. Understand risks and how to protect themselves in an ever changing world.
  6. Are independent.
  7. Have high levels of basic skills.
  8. Are resilient and able to overcome the challenges of life.

Education Support

Pupils are taught in small classes of up to 8  with high staff ratios.  Our team of teaching assistants support pupils in the classroom and may provide one-to-one support in order to help pupils access lesson content. 

Children will also have an Individual Care and Education Plan and an Individual Behaviour Management Plan, which is developed with the Therapy Team. 

We encourage pupils to talk to staff about their emotions and the issues that are concerning them. This enables pupils to take responsibility for managing their own behaviour.   

Key Stages

Pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2 attend Hall Cliffe Primary School. We may also offer Key Stage 3 in the future,  in exceptional circumstances. 

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities for enrichment activities through educational visits and field trips. 


Pupils are able to take part in a range of off-site activities.  Trips are usually linked to the curriculum to help enhance pupils learning experiences.   Activities also provide opportunities for children to practice and develop their social and emotional skills. 

Structured break and lunchtime activities are also organised which aim to further support social development.

Hall Cliffe Primary School


Our staff have a wealth of experience and qualifications in teaching and caring for pupils with special educational needs.  They have also received training from our Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.

Teachers and teaching assistants are extremely skilled in providing appropriate support to meet the needs of our pupils and promoting a positive learning environment.  The education staff consists of a stable and experienced team and the professional development of teachers and teaching assistants is supported through regular internal and external training.  This ensures effective teaching practices are in place and lesson activities are well-planned to support learning.

The Pastoral Care Team develop excellent links with home and all professionals involved with a pupil, as well as providing additional support so help them engage in classes.