Care and Therapeutic Support

At Hall Cliffe Primary School we enable our pupils to succeed by providing them with high quality support. By doing so, we believe our pupils are able to exceed expectations in education, grow as individuals and take positive steps to a brighter future.

Our unique offering provides an individualised, person-centred, therapeutic package for each pupil.

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Pastoral Care

At Hall Cliffe Primary we are dedicated to the development of the ‘whole child’, focusing on areas such as independence, self-esteem, resilience, making safe choices and communication.  All this support allows each child, whatever their special needs, the opportunity to engage and enjoy their education.

The Pastoral Care Team ensure that all pupils’ well-being is constantly being reviewed and developed, and that strong links are made between school and home.

We have 4 basic school rules:

  • We have kind hands and feet.
  • We have kind words.
  • We take care of our school.
  • We try our best.

Therapeutic Support

Our in-house therapy team consists of a Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Educational Psychologist supported by the wider Witherslack Group Therapy team.

When a pupil starts at Hall Cliffe Primary they will have a number of assessments so that we can best plan for their individual needs.   They will also have meetings with the Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist.

The results of these assessments help staff develop an Individual Care and Education Plan and Individual Behaviour Management Plan for each child.

Hall Cliffe Primary HEROs ( Helping Each Respect Others)

Our Hall Cliffe Primary School HEROs are pupils who have identified themselves as having the correct attributes to help other pupils.  HEROs serve as positive role models for the other pupils and provide advice, encouragement and friendship to others.  They help new pupils settle into school, show visitors around the school and help organise charity events.

It’s already provide to be an excellent way for pupils to help those who have a query or difficulty, allowing for effective peer integration, the building of confidence and self esteem skills and instilling s strong sense of responsibility.  Our HERO peer mentoring role is a good way of practicing social and communication skills that help as they move into adulthood.

The advantages of pupils supporting each other are:

  • They speak the same language as each other.
  • HEROs have high levels of empathy with all pupils as they have often faced the same challenges.
  • They share common issues, hopes and fears.