Gender Pay Gap Statement

The Witherslack Group is committed to paying all staff fairly for the job they do, regardless of gender.  To that end, our policies and pay guidance supports this ethos and reflects the diverse roles and responsibilities available within the Group.  The majority of roles within the group are based on national pay scales, and our pay policy is transparent and based upon clearly defined, non-gender specific roles within the group.


Pay Quartiles

Women Men
Quartile split Upper 55.07% 44.93%
Upper Middle 49.32% 50.68%
Lower Middle 44.59% 55.41%
Lower 65.20% 34.80%


It can be seen that whilst in the top 2 quartiles, the split between male and female employees is fairly even, this does change in the bottom quartile.  The key factor behind the gender pay gap is the balance of men and women across jobs.

65.2% of our workforce in the Lower quartile are women – this reflects the facts that a number of roles which would fall in this quartile are part time with school holidays, so have traditionally attracted female applicants. In addition, any pay gap difference shown will be a result of differing roles and bandings.  However, all employees working in the same bandings will be earning the same rewards.


Gender Pay and Bonus Gap

Pay Bonus Pay
Difference in Mean Pay 3.2% Difference in Mean Bonus Pay -59.2%
Difference in Median Pay 4.9% Difference in Median Bonus Pay -274.99%


Women Men
Proportion of staff who received a bonus in the relevant period. 43.48% 56.52%


At the Witherslack Group our gender pay gap is 4.9% (median) which is significantly lower than the current national average of 17.9%. (Source Office for National Statistics 2018 provisional data). Indeed you will note that there are more women than men across the top two pay quartiles.

The gender pay gap in our bonus pay reflects the fact we have a small number of roles that are able to attract substantial bonus payments.   The figures are also impacted by the fact only a very small number of roles are eligible for a bonus payment and so individual payments can have a significant impact on the reported figures. In monetary terms, the difference between the Mean bonus is £4.3k

Tackling the gender pay gap

We have a strong package of benefits available for all staff and offer a cohesive Learning and Development programme to ensure we attract the best staff for the roles available and allow all staff to progress within the Group, if it is their ambition to do so.  We will continue to review our pay policies and employee offering to ensure all employees continue to be paid fairly for the job they do.

Phil Jones

CEO Witherslack Group