Training plays a vital role in ensuring that our staff have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help them in their role.

Recently the team from Cumberland School’s Bridge Campus took part in a training session that saw them share their hopes and dreams for the school. Teacher, Laurence Harwood has taken time out to share with us a snapshot of the event.

As our school develops and adapts over the coming years since splitting into Cumberland Bridge and Beacon so does our vision for its future. This week’s staff meeting and CPD session saw Sue Asher, Head Teacher of Westmorland Primary School and Marie Leadbetter, Learning and Development Manager help us to visualise the stages and possible bridges we may have to cross to help us achieve our aim of providing the best possible educational and life experiences for our pupils. The process used has been acclaimed by various other schools as helping them with the evolution of their whole school development plan. The visualisation process began with us in groups with the following brief ‘if there were no barriers to the possibilities of where you could take the school, what type of facilities and provisions would be at the top of our very own dream mountain’.  Some of the examples of staff dreams included a fully functioning forest school with pets, vocational centres, a full time therapy suite, a dedicated dining room, individual technology for each pupil, overnight trip experiences and many more. As individual departments we added to the ‘river’ which represents our journey to the steps we needed to take to reach the top of the dream mountain and make individual pledges as to what we would achieve in the rest of this term to set us off along on our journey. The session was brilliant as staff were engaged and enthused as they gave their opinions about the future of our school. Many thanks to Sue and Marie for coming in and we are looking forward to adding to the rivers of success.

The event sounds like it was roaring success, well done everyone!