29th November 2018

Pupils make a bang at the Bridge

Leading up to Guy Fawkes Night, pupils from Cumberland School’s Bridge Campus enjoyed learning about fireworks.  Following on from the success of this, the school held a Science Day to learn more about some of the science around how fireworks and explosions work. During the first session pupils investigated how fireworks get their colours through adding…

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23rd November 2018

The journey of the Bridge Campus so far

At the end of term in 2017, pupils and staff from Cumberland School moved to a dual site model which enabled the staff and the school as a whole to expand their expertise. The Bridge Campus have been doing a great job of keeping us up to date on the latest going on at the campus…

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22nd November 2018

Cumberland School’s Remembrance Day tribute

Pupils from Cumberland School’s Beacon Campus recently visited the local Cenotaph ahead of Remembrance Sunday. The pupils paid their respects with their new TA, Mr Larrington who has recently retired from the Army. Leading up to the visit, pupils engaged in a whole school project on the end of the Great War and those that…

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22nd November 2018

Anti-Bullying Week at Cumberland School

Pupils and staff from Cumberland’s Bridge Campus recently took part in Anti-Bullying Week.  The main topic of this year’s campaign was respect, how we give and receive it. The week started with a whole school assembly that outlined the plan for the week and the activities taking place.  On Tuesday, the school held an odd socks day which was…

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16th November 2018

The Bridge Campus’ first Halloween

Cumberland School’s Bridge Campus are known to enjoy special themed days and this year’s Halloween was no exception. Leading up to the day, pupils learnt all about the origins of All Hallows’ Eve and how the tradition has its roots steeped in religious origins.  In Food Technology the pumpkin received a lot of attention as…

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6th November 2018

SEN Child & Adolescent Mental Health Workshop

Join us for our next free event. Click here to book your place

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19th October 2018

Pupils help their local community

Pupils and staff from Cumberland School’s Bridge Campus were recently invited to a local community meet up with the local Vicar. The catch up takes place once a month and is the perfect opportunity to discuss ideas and make plans to make a difference in the local area. Pupils were invited so that they could bring their point of…

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12th October 2018

Pupils develop important life skills

Pupils from Cumberland School’s Bridge Campus have been given the opportunity to extend their learning outside of the classroom by learning about water survival and bush craft skills. During outdoor education, the pupils learnt how to light fires using the materials around them. They clearly proved that they have the survival skills as they ignited…

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28th September 2018

Pupils cast their votes

Pupils from Cumberland School’s Bridge Campus recently went to the ballot box to cast their vote to elect a new representative from each tutor group to form their new Student Council for the academic year.  The pupils were eager to take part in this important event for the school but also learnt about democracy and how the voting…

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24th September 2018

Bridge Campus forms inaugural football team

It is widely acknowledged that over at Cumberland School’s Bridge Campus the favoured enrichment activity is football and with some very keen new starters it made sense to form the inaugural Bridge Football Team. The squad recently held their first training session at a local leisure centre with their manager Mr Flynn, who was thrilled…

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