This year, Cumberland School’s Bridge Campus took a unique approach to their annual sports day, where they incorporated Maths!

Teacher, Laurence Harwood caught up on what they got up to on the day.

We held our annual Sports Day at the Bridge Campus, but this year we incorporated Numeracy Day and how it is an integral part of sports. Maths really is everywhere – even in sport as statistics help athletes track and improve performance. In recent years technology is used to measure and improve performance from amateur athletic training to high-level sporting prowess, similar technology is used to give athletes feedback. We were very lucky with the weather, as the sun was shining all day. The overall event was fantastic with the pupils performing brilliantly. Pupils displayed determination, perseverance, team spirit and a great amount of effort.

Form groups were awarded points on their performances for the various traditional sporting races such as the 100m and relay races, alongside the fun activities for everyone to take part in such as shooting hoops and the bean bag throw.

The overall winner was presented with trophies and prizes. The winners of the numeracy challenge were also presented prizes for their outstanding effort throughout the morning events. A great day of fun combined with learning was had by all.

Well done everyone!

Pupils at Cumberland School, Lancashire


Pupils at Cumberland School, Lancashire