Oak Class from Chilworth House School recently launched Enterprise Week, where the whole school joined in with a variety of charity events throughout the week.

As part of their Rainforest topic in Geography and their `Living Things and their Habitats’ Science topic, the class explored diversity of life in the Rainforests and the issues which threaten life such as de-forestation. During other sessions, pupils discussed what they could do as consumers to help combat the negative effects of deforestation and poaching.

After all their learning, the budding environmentalists decided they wanted to raise money to sponsor and buy trees in the Amazon.

Using their own initiative, pupils thought of a variety of activities to contribute to the effort. They included:

  • Car Wash
  • Sale of their own hand-made bird feeders
  • Cookie and Cake sale
  • Sale of home-made Indian food and Milkshake
  • Fish and Chips Sale
  • Auction of Hand Knitted Scarf
  • Raffle

The generosity of pupils and staff at Chilworth House School surpassed the expectations of Oak Class as they passionately raised money to make the world a better place.

With the £220 raised, the class were able to contribute money towards five trees in the Amazon Rainforest and some tools for the gardening shed allotments. The pupils would also like to plant an Oak tree at the school.

Well done Oak Class, the new trees planted will definitely help the habitats of living things in the Rainforest.

Pupils at Chilworth House School, Oxfordshire


Pupils at Chilworth House School, Oxfordshire


Pupils at Chilworth House School, Oxfordshire