Earlier this year, Assistant Headteacher, Ed Wright from Avon Park School attended the Houses of Parliament Teacher Ambassador Programme. The programme aims to develop students’ and colleagues’ understanding of Parliament and democracy and recently, pupils and staff celebrated the announcement that he has been recognised as a Gold UK Parliament Teacher Ambassador.

Ed has been inspiring pupils to get involved with British democracy by holding assemblies with local schools, and organising trips to Parliament with pupils. After submitting a portfolio of evidence, he received a certificate celebrating the achievements and now will join the Teacher Ambassador community and benefit from a continuing partnership with UK Parliament Education.

He shared his excitement by saying:

“I’m delighted that our pupils will benefit from learning about British democracy and i’m excited to expand my knowledge too.

Planning ahead for the academic year, Ed will use his gold status to benefit pupils from Avon Park and nearby schools. This will include:

  • Deliver sessions on British democracy
  • Develop a working student council that has been democratically voted in
  • Promote the Houses of Parliament through assemblies and class sessions
  • Plan and arrange a visit to the Houses of Parliament


Teacher at Avon Park School, Rugby