Avon Park School

We are committed to providing a safe, positive, nurturing learning environment, where high aspirations lead to achievement and positive futures.

“The school is an amazing place for children, both indoor and outdoor. There are not only fantastic events and activities taking place all the time, but a real sense of care and affection for our child.”


Welcome to Avon Park School

Avon Park School is a co-educational, specialist day-school, providing high quality education for pupils between the ages of 5 and 16.  The school meets the needs of a diverse group of pupils who have a range of complex educational needs, communication difficulties and challenging behaviours.

Based in Warwickshire, the school’s ethos is one of high aspiration and achievement for every pupil.  This is underpinned by Avon Park’s ‘team around the child’ approach, unique in-school therapy solutions and inspiring school environment.

Our Awards

Our Aims & Ethos

We are committed to providing our pupils with a caring, positive and welcoming learning environment for them to achieve their full potential in their education and develop their social communication.

The broad curriculum allows pupils to pursue both academic and vocational paths allowing individuals to strive in their areas of strength.

Avon Park School is dedicated to providing:

  • The highest quality outcomes socially, emotionally and academically through a wide range of personalised opportunities.
  • Positive, safe and nurturing environments where pupils are valued as individuals and can develop their confidence, self-esteem, independence, self-discipline and respect.
  • Strong links between home, school and the wider community in order to support pupils’ learning and enable them to develop skills that will benefit them both during and after their time at Avon Park School.

Avon Park School at a Glance

  1. ADHD, ASC, Asp, SEMH
  2. 5 - 16
  3. Day
  4. Boys & Girls

“My child couldn’t be happier. He skips to the door in the morning and now looks forward to school.”


Below are just some of the key features that pupils can experience at Avon Park School:

  • Comprehensive onsite therapeutic support which is integrated into the curriculum and school life as a whole and supported by Witherslack Group’s Therapy Team.
  • A unique and personalised curriculum model which aims to improve self-esteem, motivation and achievement, engage pupils in their learning and develop skills for adult life.
  • Ongoing assessment and progression monitoring to ensure all young people make at least expected progress and are working to realise their full potential.
  • A dynamic approach to the use of technology with all young people being provided with an iPad to support their learning.
  • Small class sizes of no more than 8 pupils with high teacher to pupil ratios.

Our children’s homes

Our homes provide complete 52 week wrap around care. We are partnered with the following Witherslack Group children's home:

Our SEN Information Report

As a parent or carer we understand you will have plenty of questions when considering the best school for your child.

Our SEN Information Report (Local Offer) attempts to answer many of these, but you can visit the rest of our web site to find out more. We will also be happy to answer any questions over the phone or arrange for you and your child to visit the school, so please just get in touch.

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Message from the Head Teacher

The team here at Avon Park School are passionate about working together with young people and their families to ensure they are supported, treated with dignity, kept safe and achieve the best possible outcomes during their time with us. We pride ourselves not only on our specialist provision and techniques, but also in the quality of the relationships and trust we endeavour to build with our young people and others.

Avon Park School opened in 2013 and has quickly developed into an impressive and progressive learning environment. We are passionate about delivering the highest standards of teaching whilst meeting children’s special educational needs in an accepting, positive and welcoming learning environment.

We welcome visits from parents and carers and local authorities to the school, so please feel free to contact us with a view to arranging a visit at a mutually convenient time.

Robert James

Acting Head Teacher

What we’ve been up to at Avon Park School

Student Council celebrate successful term

This term, the student council at Avon Park School have worked well together throughout to deliver some great outcomes for their fellow students. In recognition of their efforts, they enjoyed a well deserved all-expenses day trip with teaching ...

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